Facilitation can be adapted to suit all kinds of group goals and training objectives. It can be useful for organisations with limited resources because group work provides for a greater number of people at any one time. Groups tend to average out at around eight people and run weekly or fortnightly with a one and a half to two hour session over an agreed period – usually three months.

Groups can be themed using an agreed context, example would be:-
  • A group of professionals who work in a challenging environment who want to come together in a confidential space to work through how they are affected by what they see and experience during the course of their work. These groups would tend to be monthly rather than weekly.
    A group of people who are sharing a life condition such as, life threatening illness or women who have experienced or are in violent or controlling relationships.

  • Group work is facilitated and boundaried with the ground rules being set by the group from the outset. In this way group members work out what they need from each other and from the facilitating therapist, creating a safe container in which the members can express themselves freely.

  • When we go through personal and painful experiences it’s easy to feel we’re the only one’s having these experiences. At the lowest points we can look out and see ‘everyone else’ coping beautifully with life and this adds to our sense of isolation and loss.

  • When we hear other people stories we realise we’re not alone in our experiences.

If you are a professional looking to provision therapeutic services you may want to consider group work as an adjunct to one to one therapy.

Whilst the value of personal therapy is well recognised there are those who feel more comfortable working in a group, they will often say how they are reassured by hearing how other people have experienced similar problems and how they can learn from each other.

Small selection of feedback from group members…

“This is going to change my life”

“I’m so gratified to find that there are other people who have gone through the same stuff as me”

“When it’s really bad I think of the group and hang on”

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