This facility is primarily used by professionals within statutory organisations and the voluntary sector. It could also be beneficial for people in challenging roles within the private sector.

Supervision can help maintain personal resilience and enhance creativity. The supervision sessions help to facilitate personal process and enable individuals to work through any unhelpful build up of stress or barriers to productive creative working

Sessions are held monthly away from the workplace and last for an hour. It is for people who would benefit from time away from the working environment in a confidential space to talk through their work related issues or any personal issues that may be impacting on their work. The supervision sessions would be invoiced to the organisation directly leaving the individual free to relax and make the most of a restorative session to support their working practice.

Currently this facility is used by people by people from the NHS or voluntary sector but anecdotal evidence shows that it has been of enormous benefit to employees as a psychological support. Research shows that a healthy balance between support and challenge in the working environment engenders loyalty, creativity and satisfaction in the workplace.

Monthly supervision sessions can contribute to the overall sense of health and wellbeing for individuals in any organisation.

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